Community Acupuncture Clinic

Fast, Effective, and affordable

Saturdays from 12pm-3pm

Cost:  $58

The Saturday clinic is a community style clinic for a variety of ailments including acute and chronic pains, anxiety and stress, digestive issues, respiratory problems, and more.  You are treated in either a gravity chair or on the treatment table, depending on what is available when you arrive.  It is a first come, first served clinic and you do not have privacy in discussing your medical concern.  Treatments are provided in an open room and you remain fully clothed.  There is space for 3 people to be treated at any given time.  Distal Point Acupuncture (DPA) is applied on arms, legs, and sometimes your head. It is generally painless and treatments last 30 minutes.  Please allow 45 minutes to fill out new patient forms and receive your treatment.  

This clinic is an easy way to help manage pain for many conditions.  Sometimes, it is all you need to feel better and recover from your problem.  It does not however include DCT, Sports Medicine Acupuncture, cupping, moxa, postural evaluation, corrective exercises, qigong, herbs, liniments, massage, or any other services that are offered in a one-on-one therapeutic session. It is strictly Distal Point Acupuncture.  Many conditions, especially chronic ones, require more in-depth treatment. You should allow for about 3-5 sessions to see if the community clinic and DPA will help you.  You will be advised if your condition can benefit from more extensive therapy.  

Community Acupuncture New Patient Intake Form

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