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After three years of premedical studies, Jared graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook with a BA in Philosophy in 2001.  In 1998 he began a deep study of Chinese Kung Fu, Qigong, Buddhism, and Taoist philosophy.  Passionate about health and healing but seeing the limitations of Western medicine through the lens of his own sports injuries, he discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine from his Kung Fu teacher.  Having had amazing results with acupuncture, he realized that he could study and practice a medicine that integrates a living and practical Eastern philosophy.   

Jared began his formal studies of TCM in 2003.  While in school he concurrently earned a 1000 hour Holistic Health Practitioner certification and worked building a thriving practice in an integrative health facility. He has completed internships at the UCSD RIMAC center treating NCAA athletes with sports related orthopedic injuries and at the University of California’s free downtown health clinic treating a wide array of psychological, internal, and orthopedic disorders. He has also studied privately with one of San Diego’s most respected Chinese medical scholars, J. Min Fan in the classical texts of Chinese medicine. After 5 years of formal study Jared earned his M.S.T.A.O.M degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. In 2006 he opened his private practice in San Diego treating patients with tui na bodywork, herbal medicine, moxibustion, and qigong instruction with special emphasis on pain management, orthopedic rehabilitation, and movement coaching. 

In 2015, Jared completed the esteemed Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification.  This is an extensive two year postgraduate program involving the study of advanced anatomy, orthopedic disorders and evaluation, postural analysis and corrective exercise application, and therapeutic methods utilizing modern sports medicine therapy in conjunction with traditional Chinese acupuncture techniques.   Jared has had the opportunity to work directly with NCAA, Olympic, NFL, and pro surfing athletes in both injury rehabilitation and prevention.

In 2017 Jared completed the DCT Master's Trainers Course.  He is a certified practitioner of Dynamic Contraction Technique which utilizes resistance stretching through concentric, isometric, and eccentric patterning to both improve strength and flexibility to muscles and fascial tissue.  This system has effectively been proven on multiple professional sports teams and is a phenomenal complement to acupuncture in improving athletic performance and aiding in physical rehabilitation.

Currently living in the mountains of Northern California, Jared travels throughout the state seeing patients.  He is a certified Wing Sing Tong International Shaolin Luohan Therapeutic Qigong Association instructor under Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa and teaches regular classes for professionals and public in the use of qigong for improving health and wellbeing.  He is a California Acupuncture Board authorized continuing education provider and teaches the application of martial movement science to clinical medicine.

Passionate about encouraging healing from physical, mental, and spiritual perspectives, Jared is both an experienced clinical physician treating pain and physical disorders but also aides in personal development through coaching and instruction in mindfulness and breath practice.  The philosophy that education and personal empowerment through modern and ancient systems of knowledge is the path of true healing and well being is at the core of his practice.   

Jared is currently completing his doctoral degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine.