The Topical Anti-inflammatory

Martial artists have been harder on their bodies than most athletes in history. topical herbs to heal from traumatic injuries have been employed effectively for millennia.


Acute Injury Liniment

This formulation is based on an ancient martial arts trauma recipe.  Originally called "Dit Da Jiu" or fall-hit wine, this is a ramped up version from the original recipe with additional herbs for added strength.  This formula has been used to help hundreds of patients recover from early stage injury to tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones.  Sprains, strains, contusions, fractures, hematomas, and sore muscles all can benefit from application of this liniment. It has blood moving, pain relieving, and swelling reducing properties. Think about it like a topically applied natural inflammatory.  Works excellent as a post workout muscle/ joint rub to prevent injury, aid in tissue repair, and reduce soreness.  

Ingredients:  Water, alcohol, cinnamomum cassia twig, carthamus tinctorius flos., gardenia jasminoides fruit, dipsacus asper root, paeonia lactiflora rubra root, rheum palmatum root and rhizome, prunus persica seed, commiphoria myrrha resin, panax notoginseng root, angelica sinensis root, schefflera aroricola root, lycopodium japonicum herba, caesalpinia sappan wood, clematis chinensis root, arisaema erubenscens rhizome, drynaria fortunei rhizome, boswellia carterii resin, eupolyphaga sinensis.


Chronic Injury Liniment 

The chronic injury formulation is a bit different.  This formula is designed for old injuries that are worse in cold and damp weather or are a result of inflammation due to degeneration.  The chronic liniment is ideal for arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic low back pain, knee pain, neck pain, or generally for any other long standing musculoskeletal problem.  It scatters cold, warms the channels and invigorates circulation, reduces pain and swelling.  Patients who have had joint replacements benefit from this formula greatly, when the redness and heat of the initial traumas of the surgery are passed.  

IngredientsWater, alcohol, cinnamomum cassia twig, spatholobus suberectus vine, carthamus tinctorius flos., dipsacus asper root, commiphoria myrrha resin, eucommia ulmoides root, angelica sinensis root, piper futokadsura stem, acanthopanax gracilistylus root-bark, erythrina variegata root, lycopodium japonicum, caesalpinia sappan wood, achyranthes bidentata root, angelica pubescens root, clematis chinensis, drynaria fortunei rhizome, notopterygium incisum root and rhizome, homalomena occulta rhizome, boswellia carterii resin. 

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