I came in to see Jared for increasing motor loss of my wrists and hands. I could barely hold up a cup of coffee. I am a professional competitive horseback rider and this could have ended my career. Jared determined that the source of the problem was in my neck and within 9 treatments I had regained full strength and use of my hands. I then went on to place second in an international competition. I am so grateful for the work I did with Jared.”
— E.M.
Jared is an amazing healer! My journey with him has been a life changing experience!!!
— A.D.
I walked in to see Jared barely able to walk. I was scheduled for knee surgery in two weeks. I am an NFL player and this surgery is a big deal in my season career. After 4 treatments with one day of rest and suggested exercise in between, the pain was completely gone. I was taking 5-6 Vicodin per day for pain. I couldn’t believe it! Jared assured me that surgery was still necessary which I really didn’t want to believe but I respected. I am a firm believer in acupuncture and Jared is outstanding.
— D.M.
When I called Jared I had back pain so severe that I could barely move. If 10 is the worst pain, this was an 11. Jared showed up at my house and without exaggeration I was completely mobile and pain free in 30 minutes. This was the first time I used acupuncture for an injury and I was completely blown away. Jared is compassionate, knowledgeable, and very skilled at his profession. Highly recommended!!
— L.S.
I am on the US Olympic rowing team. I started seeing Jared regularly for back pain, shoulder pain, and general performance enhancement during training season. Game changer. In addition to helping me with mobility and pain management, he made some amazing nutritional advice that went against the ideas of my trainers. I followed his advise and I have seen huge change in energy and endurance.
— C.F.
I am an yoga teacher and tore my meniscus training Ashtanga a bit too hard. Jared was the first to diagnose the problem which was confirmed by my orthopedic surgeon. She actually recommended that I pursue acupuncture first to see if I could avoid surgery. I saw Jared for about 12 sessions. Using acupuncture, “moxa” (burning this nice smelling herb painlessly on my skin), internal herbs, and external “liniments” I have been virtually pain free. He showed me how my hip and leg mechanics contributed to my original injury and taught me exercises to correct it. I have completely avoided surgery and my knees are stable and strong again. I am so thankful for Jared. Worth every penny.
— R.P.
I was recently in a car accident in which I was hit from behind. I had severe neck pain and loss of range of motion. I was miserable. Jared told me that for the first few sessions he would only use “distal” points to treat my neck. This made no sense to me but my friend who referred me really raved about Jared so I trusted him. The first treatment he put little needles in my hand, near my ankle and achilles tendon, and on my chin. He told me to start moving my neck. I kid you not I felt the pain disappearing and my motion increasing with each movement. By the end of the first treatment I was 75% out of pain. I saw him 4 more times to ensure the trauma was resolved. He gave me little herb pills to take every day. After 3 treatments I had almost full range of motion back and the pain was gone and it never came back. The last 2 treatments he treated locally and along my spine to ensure no residual trauma. Wow. Im amazed. Jared is an excellent physician.
— R.G.
My boss recommended Jared to me after seeing him for her neck pain. I have had severe migraines since I was a kid. I have to take Imitrex and Excedrin on a regular basis because nothing else helps. Even those don’t really help that much. My expectations were low for acupuncture since Ive been suffering for so long. After 6 treatments I was able to reduce my meds by about 80%. After 10 treatments, I rarely need to use my meds. My neurologist is even astounded. Thank you Jared!!!
— C.M.
I have had severe back pain from spodylosis for 11 years. I had seen physical therapists, chiropractors, and even other acupuncturists. I came to see Jared on a recommendation and the chance that I might reduce my pain. After the first treatment I knew his approach was different and I left the office with 25% less pain than when I walked in. That has never happened. After 4 more treatments I was at 60% less pain. I had life changes that prevented my from continuing the therapy but I am so grateful to Jared for the pain reduction I got from those treatments.
— D.G.
I am a female MMA fighter and came to see Jared for pain in my ribs after a sparring match. He suspected a rib fracture and this was confirmed by Xray. I was in terrible pain. The herbs and liniments he gave me helped tremendously to reduce my recovery time and the acupuncture treatments also reduced pain so I could function. His bedside manner is gentle, firm, compassionate, and present. I have referred many people to him over the years and will always be grateful for his help.
— T.F.