By utilizing a unique combination of modern sports medicine knowledge and time-tested traditional therapeutic methods, we are able to do what has never been done before in Physical rehabilitation.  

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been proven as an effective therapeutic tool for athletic and musculo-skeletal injuries.   Various ancient techniques of stimulating the nervous and circulatory systems, muscles, and connective tissue, offer radical and fast changes to physiology.  By combining these strategies previously kept secret by martial arts physicians with modern discoveries in Sports Medicine, not only does recovery time from injury drastically decrease but performance increases along with the ability to prevent future injury.


Our Mission

It is the mission of Summit Sports Acupuncture to provide the best of Eastern and Western therapeutic and rehabilitative methods for peak human performance.  

“All human beings should be able and willing to perform basic maintenance on themselves.”
— ― Kelly Starrett, Ready to Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally

Strategies We Employ

  • Sports Medicine Acupuncture for pain management of both acute and chronic injuries
  • Tui Na manual therapy
  • Postural and corrective exercises for self empowered rehabilitation and performance
  • DCT resistance stretching for proven athletic mobility and strength
  • Joint mobility instruction
  • Elite nutraceutical supplementation
  • Qigong and respiratory coaching for mindfulness, focus, and performance
  • Health education and coaching
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques of cupping, moxibustion, and herbal therapies  


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