Knee Pain: Origins and Solutions


Knee pain affects over 100 million Americans every year.  The cause of knee pain can be any of the following, sometimes in combination:

  • Traumatic Injury including meniscus tear, ligament strains and tears, fractures, and dislocations

  • Inflammation and Overuse Injuries including patellar tendonitis, bursitis, IT band friction syndrome, and Pes Anserine tendonitis

  • Arthritis including degenerative osteoarthritis, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis

  • Poor Postural Alignment and Biomechanical Impairments including pelvic positional abnormalities, poor ankle ROM, fibular head displacement, and neurological abnormalities causing stabilizer muscle misfiring, foot over-pronation

Knee Pain Causes

Since the knee is a hinge joint, positioned between two very mobile joints (the hip and ankle), the majority of knee pain (especially chronic) is due to poor alignment and poor mobility of the surrounding joints causing inflammation, damage, and instability of the knee joint.  Diet, lifestyle, and amount of exercise are also very important factors.  For example, if you are generally sedentary and eat lots of sugar then decide to take up jogging, you may have a good chance of injuring your knees due to higher inflammatory blood markers due to poor diet and no preparation for ensuring healthy biomechanics, gait, and stride.  If the pain is  due to a definite traumatic injury such as a fall or impact, chronic biomechanical impairments may or may not play a partial causative role.  How mobile and stabile are your joints, including your spine?  If for example you are a 50 year old golfer that has no thoracic spine mobility, torque from your swing can translate to your knees causing injury.

Important considerations

  • No joint stands alone.  Every joint is in relationship to every other joint in the body via fascial networks which hold our body in form against the pull of gravity and other forces.  This is called tensegrity.  Imagine swinging a golf club with accuracy without moving the lower half of your body at all. If you have knee pain, you must look at your ankle, hip, and spine during diagnostic evaluation to get a whole picture.

  • Acute injuries can have chronic origins and chronic injuries have acute changes.  You may be a skier with poor ankle biomechanics that constantly put your knee under stress.  That may not show up for years, until potentially/eventually you have torn your meniscus.  Or, you may have chronic back pain originating from a chronic forward head position (upper cross syndrome) that has now translated into hip bursitis because you have no thoracic mobility.  We must always look at the big picture for chronic and acute injuries.

  • There are solutions.  You may need surgery, or you may not.  Many knee injuries, both chronic and acute, can be effectively be treated with acupuncture, postural correction, exercise rehabilitation, nutritional supplements, chinese herbs, and massage.  

How does Acupuncture and Postural Correction Help Knee Pain?

  • Acupuncture reduces pain and inflammation

  • Acupuncture can aid quickly and significantly in biomechanical correction of soft tissue imbalances.  

  • Postural correction looks at the whole body and offers self empowering exercises to strengthen, mobilize, and improve joint alignment

  • Almost all chronic and acute knee injuries and pain that do not immediately require medical attention (such as acutely torn ligament or a fracture) can benefit tremendously from acupuncture, DCT, Chinese herbal medicine, and corrective exercises.

Whether you are visiting the Tahoe/ Truckee region or you are a full time resident here or in Reno, you can achieve great results in only a few sessions.  

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Community Acupuncture for Pain Management is coming in the Spring of 2018!

Chronic and Acute Pains, Say Goodbye!

I am very excited to offer a community pain management clinic starting this Saturday in Truckee, CA.  Over the years I have seen thousands of patients who have sought acupuncture for treatment of their pain.  This can be anything from acute athletic/sports sprains, strains, contusions, and fractures to chronic pain issues like herniated discs, sciatica, shoulder impingements, back pain, knee pain, tendonitis, degenerative arthritis, etc.  I can confidently say that 90% or more of patients (when following the prescription course, dietary and exercise recommendations, etc) achieve phenomenal results with acupuncture and Chinese medicine in a fairly short period of time.

This community acupuncture clinic allows me to access a greater portion of the local Truckee, Reno, and Lake Tahoe community that may not have time for comprehensive treatments or have some budget constraints.  DPA (Distal Point Acupuncture) is the methodology that is used to treat almost any painful condition while the patient remains fully clothed and only points on the hands and arms, legs and feet, and head and ears are used.  This is a very old technology that accesses peripheral nerves to communicate the body's inherent pain modulating processes to alleviate inflammation, promote healthy circulation, and restore a state of well being.  The treatments are gentle, relaxing, and incredibly effective.  Most acute injuries generally respond in 1-3 treatments and older chronic injuries typically respond within 3-8 treatments.  

There is currently space for 3-5 people to be treated at a time.  The room is open and not private however it is quiet, relaxing, and comfortable.  Conversation about your medical condition will be kept to a low whisper and your medical information is completely confidential. You will either be treated in a gravity recliner chair or the treatment table.  Please allow 45 minutes for the whole experience to fill out paperwork and receive your 30 minute treatment.  If there are people ahead of you, you can sit and relax with a cup of tea or visit one of the restaurants (Drunken Monkey, Fifty Fifty, or Thai Delicacy) for a snack.  Treatment cost is only $40.  

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!!



"The mountains are calling and I must go."


My name is Jared Andersen and I am the owner and founder of Summit Sports Acupuncture.  My wife Rachel and I recently moved to Truckee, CA to fully immerse ourselves in the mountain life. We found ourselves visiting the mountains in all of our spare time to pursue nature, backpacking, snowboarding, and all the splendor that the alpine has to offer.  Realizing that we preferred a simpler and more lifestyle driven life, we decided to pull our roots and relocate. 

I have passionately been dedicating my much of my life to study and learn Chinese medicine, therapeutic methods, movement science, martial arts, and mountain sports.  I have the very fortunate opportunity to do what I really love to do in this life.  It is my most sincere desire to help people live better lives.  I am thrilled to be living in the mountains and I look forward to helping you achieve greater health, athletic performance, alleviation of suffering, and the ability to continue to pursue your passions in life.