Rafting the Truckee River – A Perfect Choice for Your Next Family Vacation

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Planning a rafting vacation is never easy, but when you have an excellent location, efficient organizers and great places for renting and buying all the equipment you need, there’s no reason to worry. This is precisely what you’ll be able to enjoy once you get to the town of Truckee and prepare for your adventure rafting the Truckee River with the entire family.


Where Should You Go?


When it comes to family vacations, the Truckee River is a perfect spot. According to most experts, the ideal route will take you through Tahoe City which is close to both the eastern and northern shores of Lake Tahoe. From there, you can get all your supplies, including coolers, sunscreen, floating devices, drinks and everything else you need.


Finally, if you plan on staying longer, you might want to consider a rental. The best places can be found either in Tahoe City or the town of Truckee itself. From cheaper units to high quality, 2-level vacation rentals complete with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, you can get the perfect solution for your budget, and enjoy benefits that include access to a breakfast bar, gas barbecues and good proximity to the best spots for outdoor activities in the area – including various biking trails, the Donner Lake, and a few excellent locations for skiing and other winter activities.


Tips for Starting Your Vacation


The scenic 5-mile rafting tour represents one of the best approaches to rafting the Truckee River. It will provide you with the opportunity to view the most beautiful sights, float along the river through tall pine trees, and embark on a thrilling but safe rafting experience.


Before even starting on the journey, make sure your pack list will include sunblock, flotation devices, a swimsuit and any drinks or food you may want to carry with you. The relaxing trip along the Truckee River will not require any additional equipment or involve any special requirements. However, if you plan on going rafting with your whole family, it’s important to make sure you rent a larger commercial raft at one of the more reputable outfitters in Tahoe City.


The Best Food and Drinks


When it comes to eating and drinking, you won’t have to worry about bringing too many supplies on vacation with you. The River Ranch Lodge and Restaurant will provide you with everything you require and more, while its impressive location will make it easy to enjoy your meal with a great view of the surrounding landscape.


You can then start back and see other rafting enthusiasts dart past through the pool of emerald water, as they make their way past the restaurant’s impressive viewing and sunning deck.


Getting Back Home


The great thing about rafting on the Truckee River is you don’t have to worry about your return trip. Buses are scheduled to arrive and leave on a regular basis, and if you got there by car, you can easily make your way back to town. Once you’re in Truckee, several routes are available to take you just about anywhere you want to go, and the town also has its own airport – the Truckee Tahoe Airport-TRK – allowing you to take a plane back home at short notice.