A Few Quick and Easy Tips for Summer Hiking in Truckee

summer hiking truckee.jpg

Whether you just want to head to the town of Truckee and plan a quick hiking trip in the surrounding areas, or you’d like to organize a more elaborate vacation together with your entire family, there are many important considerations you’ll have to keep in mind.


Check the Weather and Make Your Reservations


Before embarking on your trip, make sure you check the weather and complete any prior preparation tasks in time. Depending on the weather conditions leading up to the hike, you’ll know whether or not you can continue with your plans, and you can also plan on what to wear.


Also, if you’re planning on a more elaborate family vacation during which you’ll be visiting several key locations for hiking, it’s important to call ahead, check for vacancies and also reserve your place at one or more of the vacation rentals you might think of using.


Choose Your Ideal Spot for Hiking


In the Truckee area you’ll find there are several great spots for finding excellent hiking trails. Two of the best are Lower Carpenter Valley and Point Mariah in Royal Gorge. New trails and parking areas are expected to be installed here this summer, and you can look forward to several beginner and moderate difficulty routes with distances of up to 5-6 miles and stunning views of the North Fork of the American River and the scenic Carpenter Valley.


If you plan on a more challenging climb, be sure to not miss the 9147-foot Mount Lola climb. With a distance of about 5.5 miles and a total elevation of more than 3200 feet, this route will be difficult even for the more experienced hikers, but passing through the fabulous Cold Stream Meadow will be well worth the effort.


Select the Right Trail for Your Level


If you’re a beginner, it’s important to take some time to ponder this step. The trail you need to choose should be shorter than the normal distance you might be able to walk on a level surface. Plan on walking at a pace of about 2 mph.


When reviewing the elevation changes for the route you chose, keep in mind that greater changes will involve a more challenging trip. So, make sure to add about an hour to your estimated arrival time for every 1000 feet of gain associated with the route.


Pack All Your Essentials


Don’t forget to pack everything you’ll need. This should include a map and compass, sun protection, first-aid supplies, extra food and hydration (especially during the summer), good illumination and a tent for emergency situations, in case you’ll need shelter for the night.


Hiking at Your Own Pace


When hiking it’s important to know your ideal pace. If you’re a beginner, make sure you don’t power through the first few miles, no matter how smooth the route might be in those parts or how tempting it is to go faster.


Keep hydrated, and maintain a stable pace throughout the hike. Later in the day you’ll be glad you saved your energy, especially considering the fact that some of the hiking routes near Truckee can be quite challenging.


The great thing about summer hiking in Truckee is that you can never really know what most routes will present you with. Although it’s important to be prepared for any surprises, you’ll find that the whole experience will feel more like an adventure, rather than a challenge.